University of the Punjab

Rules & Regulations

University of Punjab is conducting examinations for the students of its affiliated colleges, the teaching staff of these colleges can actively and willingly take part in these events during the whole year 2017.

It is pertinent to mention here that the University of the Punjab has, keeping in view the disinterest in provision of staff and venue by some Affiliated Colleges, evolved a policy that all affiliated colleges will be bound to provide sufficient teaching staff and venue for holding Punjab University Examinations. If there will be any violation, the University has the right to refuse to conduct the examinations for their candidates and reconsider the affiliations already granted. In this situation all responsibilities will be on the part of such institutions.

It is added that both the conditions i.e. provision of staff and venue, have been added in terms and conditions for grant of affiliation. Following rules will be applicable to all the supervisory staff.

  • Applicant must be full time/ regular faculty member of a college or of an affiliated college of the Punjab.
  • The name and data provided will be used for all examinations to be conducted in the whole year.
  • The applicant must be willing to undertake the assignment with honesty and diligence.
  • Monitory Teams are deputed to visit the examination centres in each examination: any member of supervisory staff on a centre if found guilty of any corruption will be disqualified from such assignments.